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The automatic driving system in the car is completely based on the PCB, and the highly complex PCB is operating to provide the functions required by the automatic driving system. Such as radar, lidar, ultrasonic, laser scanners, global positioning system (GPS), cameras and displays, encoders, audio receivers, remote connections, motion controllers, actuators, etc., sensor fusion electronics provide the car with the surrounding Visual maps to detect objects, car speed and distance to obstacles;


Obviously, the PCB in the automotive autopilot system has requirements for precision, power consumption, heat dissipation, durability and rugged reliability.

Which PCBs will be used in the automotive autonomous driving system?

If we open up the dashboard of a car, we see complex electronics and wiring with sockets, relays, etc. various modules connected to each other. These electronic components are mounted on a rigid PCB, and a high-density interconnect (HDI) PCB can achieve a smaller and more precise layout;

The high-frequency board PCB has a small dielectric constant, and its consumption is naturally smaller than other circuit boards. As a result, the efficiency of the high-frequency circuit board is very high. The frequency of the high frequency is above 1GHz, the speed is fast, and it is often used in automotive sensors, radar and other fields.

Thick copper PCB provides the least resistance path for current flow to avoid PCB melting due to high temperature generated by high current.

The ceramic board PCB has high insulation performance, can carry high power, high current, and can withstand harsh and harsh environments;

Aluminum-based metal core PCB is usually used in LED headlights of automobiles;

Rigid-flexible PCB is also used on the front dashboard of automotive electronics to connect the display screen to the processor board and connect various electronic modules through the flexible PCB.

Self-driving car PCB involves a lot of details. By getting your car autopilot system PCB manufacturer involved in your car automation project as early as possible, you can shorten your delivery time, more efficiently and quickly return on investment.

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