INTERCONNECTED TIME:2023-06-17 11:51:04

A connected car refers to a vehicle that can communicate with other systems outside the car in two directions. In addition to all devices that can be connected to the Internet, a connected car can also remotely manage the on-board system, realize remote control of the car, monitor, etc. In order to meet more needs of consumers, automakers need to continuously develop functions that make connected cars more intelligent, and PCB is the most important component to realize all intelligent functions. Connected cars can achieve connectivity, entertainment and convenience.


Application of POE PCB in connected car industry

Remote control: With remote control through the smartphone application, the car owner can remotely perform tasks such as starting the engine, opening the door, and checking the oil level.


Safety features: Automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and blind spot detection to help keep drivers and passengers safe.


Vehicle monitoring: such as tire pressure, oil level, and battery status, with alerts when maintenance is required.


Telematics: Data about vehicle performance, location, and usage can be collected and transmitted to the manufacturer or third-party provider, providing valuable insights into the operation of the vehicle.


Navigation: Connected cars are often equipped with built-in navigation systems that can provide real-time traffic information, directions, and even alternate routes.


Communication: Connected cars can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or cellular networks, keeping drivers and passengers connected to their digital lives while on the road.


Entertainment: Connected cars can provide a variety of in-car entertainment options, such as streaming music and video, playing games and accessing social media.


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