NETWORKING TIME:2023-06-17 13:37:23

In networking, PCB are often used to connect various components of a computer or other electronic device, such as the motherboard, CPU, memory, and storage. They are also used in networking equipment, such as routers and switches, to connect the various components of a network.


Application of POE PCB in networking industry

Routers: A router directs data packets between computer networks.
Switches: A network switch connects devices on a computer network by filtering and forwarding data packets.
Modems: A modem modulates and demodulates signals to transmit data over a cable. They typically have PCBs for functions such as radio frequency (RF) transmission, signal processing, and interfacing.
Wireless Access Points: Used for functions such as WiFi radio transmission and reception, signal processing, interface and power control.
Network Interface Card (NICs): A NIC allows a device to connect to a network.
Terminal Blocks: Used in individual terminal ports to terminate and interconnect cables.
Network cables: Higher performance network cables contain printed circuit boards inside for better signal integrity and reduced crosstalk.
Transceivers: A network transceiver converts electrical signals into optical signals.