Printed circuit boards are an essential part of modern consumer electronic devices. They provide the necessary connections between the components of various equipment and ensure that the equipment operates reliably and efficiently.


TV: Most modern flat-screen TVs, especially LCD and LED TVs, use multiple PCBs to control various functions such as power supply, input and output, audio processing, display drivers, etc.
Computers and laptops: motherboards, graphics cards, sound cards, network cards and other components of computers and laptops.
Mobile phone: The circuits of the mobile phone are all built on the PCB, including the main system board, charging circuit board, display driver, antenna board and other components.
Camera: Consumer digital cameras and video cameras typically use multiple image processing, storage, shutter control, flash control, autofocus, display drivers, and power supplies.
Audio equipment: home stereo systems, speakers, headphones, etc., audio amplifier circuits, input/output controls, and power supplies.
Gaming consoles: Gaming consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch require board connections for central processing units, graphics processing units, game cartridge/disc drive interfaces, wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, and more.
Household appliances: small appliances, such as microwave ovens, blenders, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, etc., most of which have electronic controls, timers and power circuits, all of which require PCBs to implement.