Printed Circuit Board plays a critical role in industrial equipment by serving as the platform for mounting and interconnecting electronic components. In industrial equipment, PCBs are used to control and regulate various processes, such as motors, sensors, and other actuators. They can also be used for power distribution, data communication, and processing.


Programmable Logic Controller: PLC is a computer-based control system that automates industrial processes.


Human Machine Interface (HMI) - A user interface that allows operators to interact with industrial automation equipment. HMIs contain display drivers, touch controllers, and other components that enable them to display information and receive input from the operator.


Motor Drivers and Controllers: Control the speed and direction of motors used in industrial automation equipment, power electronics and microcontrollers in equipment that allow them to regulate the voltage and current supplied to the motors.


Industrial sensors: Detect changes in temperature, pressure, humidity, and other variables in industrial environments. Industrial sensors contain sensors, amplifiers, and other components that enable them to convert physical signals into electrical signals.


Communication modules: PCBs in industrial communication modules contain wireless communication chips, microcontrollers, and other components that enable them to transmit and receive data, enabling industrial automation equipment to communicate with other devices, computers, or the Internet.